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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and “Humming” in the Head

I was approached by Susan because she felt EFT could help her MS symptoms and the incessant humming she had in her head. As we started talking, she explained she struggled with procrastination and this exhausted her since she was always trying to figure things out in her head. She was struggling financially and was… Read more »

Overwhelm and Anxiety after birth of daughter

Quite a few aspects came up when I worked for only one session with Stephanie. Her daughter was less than a year old and Stephanie was afraid to go out with her because she cried so much, and felt lonely when she was at home with her. We worked on her feelings of overwhelm and… Read more »

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia

Maureen was working as a massage therapist, struggling with very low energy levels and joint pain: chronic symptoms of CFS and Fibromyalgia. During the first session, she disclosed she was in the process of separating from her husband, having to find a new place to live and was anxious about her financial situation. During the… Read more »

Panic Attacks at Night

Gemma had been experiencing night time panic attacks for some time following a very stressful time at work (she was on leave when I met her). She told me she would wake up in the night, knowing she was about to have an attack. A few days after the first session of EFT, she reported… Read more »

Chronic Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

John was diagnosed with diabetes over 30 years ago and the severe pains in his hands and feet had started 5 years ago. As we talked during the first session, I learned he had had a number of very serious health issues over the years, including crucial surgery which had gone wrong. He was very… Read more »

The Power of Mechanical EFT

During my recent Level 1 EFT Workshop, The Essentials of EFT, I was reminded yet again of the power of “Mechanical EFT”. That is, acknowledging very simply what the problem is without incorporating what Gary Craig called the Art of Delivery. During pair work, one of the participants became very anxious and said she felt… Read more »

Getting the EFT Results You Want

We have been taught that by asking the right questions we get the right answers.  The same is true in EFT tapping.  To get the EFT results you want you need to get specific,  to dig deep down into the core of the issue. Last weekend, I taught my EFT Level 1 Workshop, the Essentials… Read more »

Love Yourself

How much do you really love yourself? In Gary Craig’s basic recipe he initially recommended we say the phrase, “Even though ___________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Deeply and completely love and accept yourself! When I teach EFT Level 1, we discuss the use of this phrase: can it be embraced with… Read more »

To Numb Out or Not To Numb Out: That Is The Question

In Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy, Hamlet weighs the measures of life, ” To be or not to be, that is the question…” This quote recently came to mind and a thought occurred to me that I was witnessing a parallel here, but that perhaps the more appropriate question would be  “To numb out or not to… Read more »