Focus On What You Want

When we’re in fear, it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong, what isn’t working and what doesn’t bring us joy. In fact, we are so focused on these areas that we lose sight of what we could accomplish, where we want to be, and of what we are capable. We also lose the potential to feel the joy and vibrancy within us, instead feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disheartened.

From Scattered to Focused

Multiple demands on our time can lead to a state of being scattered. Annabel Fisher shows how a combination of NLP and EFT easily takes you from scattered to focused.

When I know I have a lot to do and I’m unsure which task to do first because they all seem important, I use the NLP technique of chunking down. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and scattered, try that technique and then use the following tapping transcript.

I’ve Already Broken My New Year’s Resolutions!

The best way to approach resolutions is to consider how your life will be different once you have accomplished your goal. Why do you want this goal and how will you feel once you have achieved it? Moreover, how will your life be different when the goal has been accomplished?

Below is a tapping transcript for you to shake up all that resistance to changing and moving forward towards your goal. There may be secondary benefits to staying where you are now, and EFT can clear those.