EFT Business Fear #4: I’m afraid of success

Does the thought of an EFT Practice bursting with clients fill you with excitement, or does it fill you with dread? Are you worried that you’ll become “too successful” and that will create expectations, restrictions, pressures or demands that you won’t be able to manage? What does success mean to you? Join Annabel and her… Read more »

Discovering your Niche in Your EFT Practice

Have you found your niche? If you haven’t, is not knowing what your niche is holding you back from developing your business? Join Annabel and her guest, Ingrid Dinter, as they discuss how to find your niche in your EFT Practice. Ingrid will talk about the 4 types of spiritual entrepreneurs. Our strongest type defines… Read more »

Be Authentic in Your Business and the Rest Shows Up

Are you following ‘tried and tested’ marketing strategies as you develop your EFT Practice? Do you feel like you have to ‘be’ someone when you’re in business? What does all of that feel like? In today’s show, Annabel talks to Charan Surdhar about being authentic in the way we present ourselves, and our business, to… Read more »

ReAwakening Your EFT Business Passion

Has the passion you once had for your EFT Practice disappeared? In today’s show, Annabel and Sasha Allenby will discuss obstacles that can prevent your EFT passion becoming a thriving EFT business. Once the passion is overshadowed by all that needs to be done, it’s easy to become disheartened and overwhelmed. Sasha will share with… Read more »