Feel Good About Celebrating Successes

What’s the big deal about turning up for a workshop that’s already been paid for?

The big deal is that it would have been easier, and far safer, to stay in the Land of Comfortable, and done what they’d always done, and not chosen to move forward.

So the next time something ‘goes wrong’, or you start criticizing yourself, or you don’t believe you are moving forward, do the following:

“Action is the Currency of the Brave”

There’s always a reason why we can’t do, shouldn’t do, will never be able to do. Yet if we want something deeply enough, if there is enough underlying pain involved, it’s amazing how quickly, and easily, we are able to get clear, make a decision, and do what needs to be done.

Last year, the ‘pain’ was great enough for me.

Letting Go of Procrastination

Procrastination is debilitating, stressful and frustrating. It causes us to feel trapped, overwhelmed and guilty. However, if we can recognize the reasons underlying the procrastination, they can be neutralized with EFT, and we can move forward productively.

Is Continuous Compromise Making You Sick?

For the sake of our health, it’s important to learn how to set boundaries; otherwise, if we continue to compromise what we want and need, it comes down to our body to do it for us – usually in the form of chronic pain, or potentially serious symptoms. If you like the idea of this, but you’re thinking, “Well, I could never do that. What would they think of me? It’s easier to compromise”, you may find the following tapping transcript helpful.

Is Using EFT On Yourself Working For You?

I know EFT works when we use it on ourselves because my clients have great results when they tap on themselves, and because I healed myself of serious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by using EFT on myself daily. I also know EFT works even more successfully and permanently when someone else is facilitating because my clients tell me they have far better results when they tap with me, and ecause I have far better results when I tap with experienced EFT Practitioners.

Focus On What You Want

When we’re in fear, it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong, what isn’t working and what doesn’t bring us joy. In fact, we are so focused on these areas that we lose sight of what we could accomplish, where we want to be, and of what we are capable. We also lose the potential to feel the joy and vibrancy within us, instead feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disheartened.