EFT Choices Method: Do I Really Have a Choice?

Most of us are aware of the EFT Choices Method, developed by EFT Founding Master, Pat Carrington, and we use choices in our daily tapping, but how many of us truly believe we have a choice about anything? Sometimes when I’m tapping with a client, and they are able to not only logically comprehend a… Read more »

Uplift Your Energy with Tapping

You cannot always control the energy around you but you can uplift your energy with tapping. Do you notice your energy lifting when you’re around certain people? Isn’t it a fantastic feeling to be vibrating at that level? And then there are times when you feel completely exhausted having spent time around other people. You… Read more »

Gratitude Tapping

To all my Canadian readers: Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone: Thank YOU for taking time to read my monthly newsletters and for emailing me with your comments and ideas. During my EFT Level 1 class last month, we discussed Gratitude Tapping in front of the mirror. As now is the time to give thanks and… Read more »

Words to Say When Tapping

When we use EFT, much of our success depends on the words we use as we tap. When my clients are new to EFT, they will often say, “I don’t know what to say when I tap!” It’s been my experience over the years that they don’t know what to say because they launch into… Read more »