Taking Time for Yourself This Year

One of the gifts I gave myself last year was making time for me – and being at ease about it. For years, I’d convinced myself that I was so busy, and there just wasn’t time for me to create some time for myself. I couldn’t possibly make myself a priority. Last year, I took… Read more »

Silence is Sacred During EFT

As the holiday season approaches, and overwhelm or busy-ness may well be descending, I thought it a good time to explore the sacred space of silence. We are almost half way through our current EFT Certification Programme, and it’s been an honour to observe the student practitioners working together, deepening their skills. Some of the… Read more »

A Unique EFT Marketing Approach: A Quiet Presence

What is your EFT marketing approach? Have you been successful in marketing your EFT business so far? Perhaps you’re fearful you will compromise who you are, or your spiritual practice. In today’s show, Annabel talks to Sejual Shah about how she’s developed a Quiet Presence and attracted executive clients in the corporate world. She’ll share… Read more »

How Will I Attract Clients Without Having to “Sell” Myself? – EFT Business Fear

Do people know you exist? Many new EFT Practitioners worry about how they’ll be perceived when they market their business – to the point of not advertising themselves at all. They worry they’ll lose integrity or appear pushy if they promote their work. What if attracting clients was simply down to being relational, conversational, and… Read more »