The Importance of Preparing for the Climb – Every Time

Have you ever experienced a crisis and moved through it with seeming ease, only to be faced with something else which – on the surface – appeared manageable, yet at that point you crumbled in a heap?   Perhaps I could share something my therapist at the Cancer Agency and I have called ‘Grouse Mountain… Read more »

Loving and Accepting Yourself with EFT

Mirror, mirror on the wall Last week, one of my clients told me she was doing “mirror work” for happiness. I asked her what that was, and she described how she was staring into the mirror and positively affirming how happy she was, and how she accepted herself. Great! Except for one small detail …… Read more »

Panic Attacks at Night

Gemma had been experiencing night time panic attacks for some time following a very stressful time at work (she was on leave when I met her). She told me she would wake up in the night, knowing she was about to have an attack. A few days after the first session of EFT, she reported… Read more »