Creating an Effortless Success Ritual List

HOW do you want to feel during the day? Energized? Spacious? Focussed? Motivated? Calm? Decide what you NEED in your day to make you feel the way you want to feel. So for me, I enjoy feeling spiritually and emotionally boosted first thing which is why I give thanks for everything in my life when… Read more »

Doing Nothing is Productive: A 3-Step Process

  1. If life has been busy for you, start by reflecting on what you’ve done, how it’s made you feel and what you’d do differently in the future. If necessary, tap on any frustrations, regrets, or disappointments you may feel.   2. Consider what it feels like to take time out … does that… Read more »

The Importance of Preparing for the Climb – Every Time

Have you ever experienced a crisis and moved through it with seeming ease, only to be faced with something else which – on the surface – appeared manageable, yet at that point you crumbled in a heap?   Perhaps I could share something my therapist at the Cancer Agency and I have called ‘Grouse Mountain… Read more »

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Have you ever taken a leap of faith? Have you ever deliberately thought, “I have no control over this” so you’ve just let go? Scary, wasn’t it? Over the past few months, I’ve been swinging from excitement, to paralysing fear. When I’m clear on why I’m doing what I’m doing, it’s easy to feel excited… Read more »

How do I market myself without spending a lot of money? – EFT Business Fear

If you’re a new EFT Practitioner, chances are you’re either transitioning from a J-O-B, or you’re starting from scratch, with no regular income. With limited capital, how do you market yourself? Some people are computer savvy, and can create their own websites, blogs, and social media campaigns. But what if you aren’t, and you’re left… Read more »