Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and “Humming” in the Head

I was approached by Susan because she felt EFT could help her MS symptoms and the incessant humming she had in her head. As we started talking, she explained she struggled with procrastination and this exhausted her since she was always trying to figure things out in her head. She was struggling financially and was trying to establish a home business but kept striving for the perfect opportunity without getting anywhere. Over the course of our sessions, we worked on her “living in a constant state of crisis” and what it reminded her of in her past. We used EFT to clear issues of guilt and desperation and she started to feel balanced and in control.

By the fifth session, she realised how effective she was becoming in developing her home business. Her energy levels were far higher. The familiar feeling of being “boxed in” had gone and she was able to limit the amount of time she spent on the computer because her work had become more ordered. There were no longer any deadlines because she had started pacing herself. As this was happening, the humming was drastically reducing and Susan became able to gauge what caused or aggravated the humming and use EFT on her own to reduce it. I’m happy to report that after six sessions, Susan reported she had returned her walking cane to her MS specialist.

Note: All client names and personal details have been changed to protect identity.

Annabel Fisher

Annabel Fisher is a Self Care Warrior who is mastering the art of asking and receiving. She offers group programs empowering women to listen to & follow their soul’s calling while nurturing themselves, and making every day count. She is author of ‘The Healing Game: Transforming Chronic Illness Using EFT’ and has worked with thousands of chronically ill clients from around the world since 2004. She’s the creator of the Healing Game Process and is the leading authority on using this process to reclaim vibrant health and true authenticity.

In August 2015, Annabel was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She wasn’t expected to live and her oncologist and surgeon have called her a ‘miracle’. She is currently writing her second book sharing her journey from the diagnosis of a terminal disease to complete surrender to making every day count and finding joy in the small stuff.

For 12 years, Annabel was an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner & Master Trainer.

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