Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a groundbreaking therapy and self help technique that focuses on transforming and releasing negative and traumatic memories, re-writing limiting core beliefs and manifesting goals. The technique grew out of the extremely effective and increasingly popular, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

It is based on the premise that trauma and negative life events are held “frozen” as pictures in the body’s energy field, or matrix (as it’s described in quantum physics theory).
These pictures are called Energy Consciousness Holograms, or ECHOs. ECHOs serve a brilliant purpose in that they protect us from fully experiencing the trauma in the moment, and remain as hidden memories to help us avoid similar circumstances in the future.
They are sometimes described as disassociated fragments of ourselves.But throughout life, as we accumulate ECHOs, they can overwhelm us and cause physical and emotional symptoms such as disease, allergies, depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem, self-limiting core beliefs and negative patterns in relationships.

Matrix Reimprinting focuses on identifying and changing the negative memories and core beliefs causing the emotional and physical dis-ease. EFT takes the emotional impact out of a traumatic event, so that it no longer negatively affects you, but the memory remains the same. However, Matrix Reimprinting goes a step farther.

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You have been such a great help to me. I am so grateful for how expert you are in listening and tracking the issues. I am deeply grateful for how insightful you are and also how thorough and fearless you are in tapping on whatever comes up to be released. You conduct the sessions with such focus and in such an integrated fashion and I can literally feel the issues falling away from my subconscious mind. The Matrix Reimprinting process is amazing. It seems to really take the healing to a whole other level and perhaps in that way expedites the process of healing altogether. Thanks so much for all your amazing help and support.
Delilah Praete, New York, USA

You revisit the memory that contributed to the core belief in the first place; establish new supporting beliefs and experiences, and change the outcome of the event. You transform the memory into a positive event that creates positive feelings; saying and doing what you wished you’d said and done at the time. Consequently, your current belief system is transformed and you can attract more positive experiences into your life.

I truly appreciate the great help EFT has given me in dealing with many issues, past and present, and I especially appreciate the sensitivity and insight – as well as such talent in the application of EFT – that Annabel offers. It is so supportive and inspiring.
MH, British Columbia, Canada

Matrix Reimprinting is a creative, non-traumatizing, yet extremely effective technique. Most people experience rapid and lasting results, even with issues that were not helped by traditional therapies. As you learn this revolutionary technique, you can also use it on yourself as a self-help therapy.

Know someone who could benefit this information?
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