Loving and Accepting Yourself with EFT

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Last week, one of my clients told me she was doing “mirror work” for happiness. I asked her what that was, and she described how she was staring into the mirror and positively affirming how happy she was, and how she accepted herself.

Great! Except for one small detail … the recent EFT we’ve been using together has been for self-approval and self-confidence. It’s very hard for her to believe she’s accepted by others and as a result, she avoids contact with the outside world in case she’s being judged. As she told me what she was doing, I wondered how successful this new strategy was proving.

Using what she was already doing as a foundation, I asked her if she’d tried EFT Mirror Work. I explained that she could sit in front of a mirror and apply regular EFT on whatever the problem is – in this case “they don’t have time for me because I’m not worth it” – only making eye contact with herself as she did so.

Have you ever tried this? It’s amazingly powerful! Connecting to yourself on a massively deep level through your own eyes, while you tap on something that has held you back opens up even more healing opportunities.

I suggest you have a pen and paper ready to jot down any thoughts or perceptions you have of yourself as you look at yourself while you tap. How do you appear when you are in that place of vulnerability, expressing your wounded self? How easy or difficult is it to be honest with yourself as you stare into your own eyes? Are even more aspects arising while you tap because you are even more connected to YOU (as opposed to going through the mechanics of tapping)? Don’t forget to have water to drink, and of course a box of Kleenex handy!

This is a great homework assignment for clients too. There can be so many layers to this experience, and from doing it myself, and asking clients to do it, a surprising amount of insights are revealed.

During my EFT workshops, I ask my students to do this as homework and the change I observe in them the next day is profound. It makes their regular EFT application much deeper as they tap with partners because they have gone far deeper in their own EFT use. In being deeply vulnerable, they’ve re-connected to themselves and something profound has changed.

Please let me know if you’ve done this before and what your experience was!

Annabel Fisher

Annabel Fisher, author of the e-book “Tap Into Your Healthy Self: Recognize the Potential Within You To Heal”, used EFT to go from being utterly exhausted, in extreme pain, and wheelchair-bound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), to being vibrant, pain-free, and healthy enough to travel and motor bike regularly with her husband.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, she runs her own EFT Practice and has used her EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and NLP training to enable hundreds of people struggling with chronic illnesses to go from managing their symptoms, to enjoying life, to living at their fullest potential.

Annabel is the and has hosted countless teleseminar series on how to overcome a chronic illness and lead a joyful, fulfilling life. She is an authorized EFT Trainer with the AAMET and also one of only two Matrix Reimprinting trainers in Canada. Annabel has facilitated workshops in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the UK, and is the organizer of the Canadian EFT Gatherings on the West Coast.

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