EFT & The Highly Sensitive Personality


Are you ever asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so sensitive?!”

  • Do you feel emotions very deeply?
  • Are you very aware of how others around you are feeling?
  • Is it easy for others to wound you by a certain look, or a tone of voice?

In working with many highly sensitive people – and having that personality type myself – I’ve noticed that highly sensitive people have certain beliefs and experiences in common. We often feel that our sensitivity makes us weak; that it’s all too easy for other people to walk all over us – even inadvertently. As a result, we often wish we were stronger or tougher, more thick-skinned. We are usually highly attuned to the feelings of others and feel an internal pressure to make everything “right” for those around us. We may be easily hurt or worry about others’ responses to us – raised eyebrows or a frown could be a worry. Sometimes, those around us become irritated at our sensitivity and that feels like a blow in itself.

Many of us are perfectionists or have perfectionist tendencies.

We tend to think continuously about what we did wrong and what we could do better. And it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Given all of the above, many of us see our sensitivity as a curse.

However, as with anything, there are two sides to having a highly developed sensitive personality.

EFT can free us from the often-perceived burden of being sensitive and help us begin to see the positives, possibilities and full potential, which come from having this type of personality.

Highly sensitive people are extremely intuitive, making them very aware of what others are thinking and feeling.Their empathy enables them to be very understanding of someone’s situation, and perceptive to their needs. The very essence of their nature is to be helpful to the point of putting themselves second.

When working with clients who have presented these thoughts and feelings, the first aspect I usually address is how angry they are with themselves because they are “so sensitive” or “so emotional”. Reframing this, so that they start to recognise the miracle which underlies being sensitive, enables them to value their empathic and intuitive abilities.

EFT can easily dissolve the limiting belief “It’s wrong to be this sensitive“, and instead of someone asking, “What’s wrong with me because I feel this so deeply?”, after using EFT, they’ll be making the list “What’s right with me for feeling this so deeply?” Dissolving the negative emotions around who we are and what we feel leads the way to forgiveness, and with forgiveness comes healing.

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