Work with Annabel

You are ready to connect to who you truly are. Now you are feeling safe enough to really honour yourself in a way you haven’t in the past. Maybe you don’t know quite how to get there and you are looking for support in taking that journey.
I’d love to support you during this transformation.

Working with Annabel

I am currently accepting motivated clients who are committed to really deep, transformative work. This is an 8-session process over 3 months, and includes weekly emails with guidance and strategies for you to implement between sessions and an email at the end of the program which outlines progress and my thoughts on what the next steps could be.
I work best with people who are willing to explore, and are fearless about going to a very deep place. They understand that transformation often means visiting some uncomfortable places and they are willing, curious, and excited to do just that.

Yesterday’s session really helped me a lot! i was really tired when I got home but I felt a lot lighter if that makes sense. My stomach has been fine today. I still feel a little weight in my chest but it feels so much lighter than it ever has before. I also don’t feel the intense anger towards ____ that I felt before. There is still anger there but it feels dull and not sharp the way it did before. It was a huge moment for me to realize that “the big ball of shit” that I thought was punishing _____ was just punishing myself by causing my headaches, anxiety etc. I had given up on therapy working from my previous experiences, but this is so different from any other treatment I have ever tried. I know I can’t be cured of something I have held onto for years in one session but I did feel a huge difference and it gives me hope and makes me very excited for my future.
J, Vancouver, Canada



EFT sessions are over the phone or via Skype: whatever your preference. If you prefer phone, the great news is that I call you!
We accept VISA or MasterCard, or payment via Paypal. Credit card details are required prior to the first session.
My appointment times are irreplaceable, so I do have a cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule an EFT session, please let Annabel know by phone, or email, no less than 24 hours ahead of time to avoid being billed.

I want to say thanks for everything! I love how you calmly were able to help me get unstuck when I kept pushing things down. I did get nervous when I thought I would get stuck. You have a beautiful calm strength that makes me trust that it will work. I am so thankful you have come into my life and are able to give me this gift!
NW, Langley, Canada

Contact Annabel to discuss your needs.

If you would like to find out about how I work, or if you have questions about EFT, or if you would like a 20-minute consultation to discuss how EFT could benefit your healing, please contact us. You can call 866 366 2677 if you prefer and leave a message for Annabel and she will get back to you as soon as possible.