Chronic Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

John was diagnosed with diabetes over 30 years ago and the severe pains in his hands and feet had started 5 years ago. As we talked during the first session, I learned he had had a number of very serious health issues over the years, including crucial surgery which had gone wrong. He was very angry and distrusted doctors and surgeons so we used EFT on this specific aspect. After the first session, he called saying the five year “block of pain” had completely disappeared and changed to a tingling sensation. I suggested he was holding the anger in his hands and feet and we worked on the changes he could implement in his life in the second session. During the third session, the pain had altered once more and was in specific areas of his feet. By the end of that session, the intense pain had cleared and his anger was far less. John chose to use EFT on himself from then on, satisfied with what we’d achieved.

Note: All client names and personal details have been changed to protect identity.

Annabel Fisher

Annabel Fisher is a Self Care Warrior who is mastering the art of asking and receiving. She offers group programs empowering women to listen to & follow their soul’s calling while nurturing themselves, and making every day count. She is author of ‘The Healing Game: Transforming Chronic Illness Using EFT’ and has worked with thousands of chronically ill clients from around the world since 2004. She’s the creator of the Healing Game Process and is the leading authority on using this process to reclaim vibrant health and true authenticity.

In August 2015, Annabel was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She wasn’t expected to live and her oncologist and surgeon have called her a ‘miracle’. She is currently writing her second book sharing her journey from the diagnosis of a terminal disease to complete surrender to making every day count and finding joy in the small stuff.

For 12 years, Annabel was an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner & Master Trainer.

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