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Giving Thanks, and Receiving It – The EFT Way

Over the past two weeks, I have been inundated with kindness and generosity from friends and clients. Or at least I have been open to receiving their kindness and generosity. I hang out with some pretty awesome people, and have some pretty fabulous clients, so I imagine they’ve always been this way! I am the… Read more »

Loving and Accepting Yourself with EFT

Mirror, mirror on the wall Last week, one of my clients told me she was doing “mirror work” for happiness. I asked her what that was, and she described how she was staring into the mirror and positively affirming how happy she was, and how she accepted herself. Great! Except for one small detail …… Read more »

The Power of Mechanical EFT

During my recent Level 1 EFT Workshop, The Essentials of EFT, I was reminded yet again of the power of “Mechanical EFT”. That is, acknowledging very simply what the problem is without incorporating what Gary Craig called the Art of Delivery. During pair work, one of the participants became very anxious and said she felt… Read more »

Getting the EFT Results You Want

We have been taught that by asking the right questions we get the right answers.  The same is true in EFT tapping.  To get the EFT results you want you need to get specific,  to dig deep down into the core of the issue. Last weekend, I taught my EFT Level 1 Workshop, the Essentials… Read more »

Love Yourself

How much do you really love yourself? In Gary Craig’s basic recipe he initially recommended we say the phrase, “Even though ___________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Deeply and completely love and accept yourself! When I teach EFT Level 1, we discuss the use of this phrase: can it be embraced with… Read more »

To Numb Out or Not To Numb Out: That Is The Question

In Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy, Hamlet weighs the measures of life, ” To be or not to be, that is the question…” This quote recently came to mind and a thought occurred to me that I was witnessing a parallel here, but that perhaps the more appropriate question would be  “To numb out or not to… Read more »

Keep Calm and Carry On

I was in the UK for Christmas and New Year and I saw the slogan, Keep Calm and Carry On, on mugs, place mats and bags. Taken from the propaganda poster produced by the British Government in 1939 to raise morale, it made me chuckle as I passed shop windows in 2012. So, when I… Read more »