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Annabel Fisher - Advanced EFT Practitioner and Authorized EFT Trainer

Annabel Fisher – Advanced EFT Practitioner and Authorized EFT Trainer

In the early 2000’s, I was a stressed out, overworked teacher with no free time on my hands. I had a strong sense of duty and always put my students and work colleagues first. My needs came second – which I believed was right. I didn’t feel worthy of being supported. I believed I had to prove myself to my parents by being the ‘perfect’ daughter and having a successful career. And I believed I had to ‘soldier on’ on my own, doing everything myself. Oh, and added to all of that, I was always concerned about what others would think of me.

Every weekend I spent most of the time in bed, assuming everyone felt tired and run down come the weekend. I hated my life; I didn’t feel heard, I felt very alone. After months of feeling more and more rundown, exhausted, and emotionally numb, one day in spring 2003, I collapsed.

I was diagnosed with M.E./C.F.S. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I ignored all the signals my body was sending me, all its cries for help, and I continued working. Within 4 months of diagnosis, I was bed bound. I used a wheelchair on the rare occasions I needed to leave the house.

Aside from feeling utterly exhausted all the time, I suffered constant muscle and joint pain, noise and light sensitivities, intense headaches, digestive disorders and food sensitivities, crippling depression, insomnia and nightmares.

The crazy thing about ME/CFS is that no matter how exhausted you may feel, you still can’t sleep – your body refuses to sleep. The most debilitating disease, however, was the hopelessness and the helplessness.

Then in early 2004, my life was forever changed. I was introduced to EFT. It was the ray of hope I was so desperately searching for. My friend had just trained to become an EFT Practitioner and he suggested he `may have the answer`. What did I have to lose?

Within minutes, he had described what EFT was, and how, and where, to tap on the acupuncture points. We focussed on the incredible fear I had that I would never recover – all the research I had done showed me that people took decades to recover from ME/CFS, and many never recovered. I believed strongly that I couldn’t recover from the illness.

We tapped on the fear that I would have the illness “for ever” and within a few minutes – yes, only minutes – I was unable to access that fear again. Although I tried hard to access that familiar feeling, I could not. And in that moment, I knew that there was hope and that I would recover.

My Recovery

I had weekly private sessions with my EFT practitioner and began using it daily on myself. What I found so fascinating was as I addressed and resolved emotional issues, such as the anger, fear and hopelessness I was feeling, my physical symptoms started to reduce and disappear. I addressed all the reasons why I had to put other people’s needs before my own, and why I believed I must soldier on, come what may. Symptoms such as perfectionism and low self worth were all tapped on, and healed.
In a few months, I was out of the wheelchair, and walking with a cane. In about 4 months, my chronic pain had reduced by 60% and within 6 months, the pain was reduced to almost 100%. Within a year, the majority of my symptoms had gone and I was in full control of the illness.

Later that year, I trained as an EFT Practitioner. It wasn’t easy. I was still using a cane to walk and I had to pace my activities carefully, but I was in control of my illness instead of it controlling me. I knew deep down EFT was a powerful tool and I wanted to assist others who were experiencing similar difficulties.

In the fall of 2005, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, facilitated a conference in the UK, EFT for Serious Diseases. He asked me to be a volunteer on stage, and the two hours of targeted EFT he offered me transformed my life. I was able to start my EFT Practice, feeling confident in my own health and wellbeing and what I could offer others.

Since then, I have become a licensed Neuro-Linguist Programming (NLP) Practitioner and a certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, and Trainer. These skills have taken my practice to higher, and deeper, levels simultaneously.

I am one of only two authorized EFT Trainers in Canada with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET), and one of only two certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainers in Canada.

In 2010, I co-founded Jump Start Your EFT Practice with Alina Frank. This was born out of our observation that there was no bridge – no existing support system – between being trained as an EFT Practitioner in a workshop setting, and working in the “real” world with paying clients. This mentoring programme has attracted new, and existing, EFT Practitioners and helped them transform their EFT dreams from a hobby into a thriving, lucrative career.

My Clients

I have worked with hundreds of people struggling with chronic and serious illnesses – CFS, Fibromyalgia (FM), Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis (UC), IBS, Diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) – taking them from illness and surviving, to wellness and health, and then onto thriving and living life to their fullest potential.
I have also worked with clients diagnosed with terminal cancer and created a safe space for release, compassion and empowerment.

Over the years of working with clients, what has become very clear to me is the ‘messages’ we learn in childhood shape us intrinsically. Beliefs such as “my needs come second”, or “I have to be perfect”, or “I’m not good enough” become our reality, and become deeply limiting and debilitating. As a result, we create brilliant, self-serving strategies, responses and behaviour patterns. These ‘default’ reflexes are simply a mask to protect us and keep us safe. They do not represent who we are at our core, and ultimately, they hold us back and keep us small. Even more profoundly, they prevent us from being our true, authentic selves – who we were born to be.

Once we feel safe enough; once we are able to connect in to the pure essence which makes us who we are; once we can observe our true self worth and not worry about what “they” will think, we are able to recognize our strengths and gifts. Then there is every reason to assume we can accomplish whatever we desire in our lives, be that recovering from a serious illness, creating the relationship of our dreams, accomplishing the job promotion, or establishing freedom, space and joy in our very existence.

I attract incredible clients, who are jaded by simply functioning in life; who are fearless in their motivation to heal old wounds, and release old programmes, and who are confident enough to seek true authenticity, so that they can finally be themselves.

My Training and Education

In January 2012, the creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Karl Dawson, invited me to become a Matrix Reimprinting Trainer.
I became a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner in 2011, trained by Sasha Allenby, co-creator of many of the Matrix Reimprinting techniques.

In 2009, I became a Certified Progressive Emotional Release Practitioner, trained by EFT Master, Lindsey Kenny.

I received my training in NLP from Steve Boyley of The NLP Institute and became a Certified Practitioner of NLP, Licensed Hypnotherapist, and Communication Skills Coach in 2007.

In 2005, I became a Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and Authorized EFT Trainer with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET). On moving to Canada, I was appointed Canada AAMET Representative.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Psychology from Stirling University, Scotland in 1996.

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