Have you reached a defining moment in your life
and it’s time to reconnect to you?

Are you a highly sensitive person who wants to move out of simply functioning in life and transition into being authentic in life – living to your fullest, healthiest potential?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to heal your body and it still hasn’t worked? Maybe you feel completely stuck, and uncertain of how to move forward.

EFT Tapping & Matrix practitioner trainer Annabel Fisher
A part of you may feel guilt or fear around expressing your needs, or speaking your truth. You’ve been putting others’ needs first for so long that you’ve forgotten about you. And perhaps focusing on you seems uncomfortable or selfish.

In the past, you’ve pushed down your thoughts and feelings, and soldiered on. You’ve disconnected from yourself. This may have created resentment, unhappiness and a sense of hopelessness. It may also have created illness and pain.

You’re starting to recognise you deserve deep, conscious relationships in which you are seen and heard. You’ve compromised yourself and you’re ready to start setting healthy, effective boundaries which honour who you are.

Hello, my name is Annabel Fisher and I’ve been in this place.

Feeling frightened, hopeless and helpless, I was housebound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I was only just functioning and I was uncertain that life could ever be any different.

That was until I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Rather than groping around in the darkness of the tunnel, I was able to see the light at the end of it and move towards it!

Before that time, I was unaware how much the way I was responding to life had affected my physical body; how unresolved negative emotions, past traumas, and limiting beliefs had exhausted and depleted me, and how I’d disconnected from who I truly was and my life purpose.

Once I used this simple EFT tapping technique to release all the painful memories, resolve the hurt, anger, and fears, and reframe the limiting beliefs, my physical body was able to heal itself.

I’d love you to experience your authentic version of healing, too, and that’s why I created the EFT Healing Centre – to show you how to do just that, so you have the tools to heal yourself right at your fingertips.

EFT Tapping & Matrix practitioner trainer Annabel Fisher

Thank you. I can’t wait to support you in re-connecting to your powerful authentic self!

EFT Tapping & Matrix practitioner trainer Annabel Fisher
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Here’s a list of the challenges we use EFT for at The Healing Game:

  • Gaining clarity on how to live a life with purpose
  • Celebrating the highly sensitive personality
  • Transitioning from chronic illness into wellness and thriving
  • Reconnecting to your authentic self
  • Achieving life changes safely
  • Increasing self-esteem and self confidence
  • Gaining self awareness and knowledge of your gifts and strengths
  • Setting healthy boundaries and expressing your needs
  • Conquering fears, stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • Healing past wounds and overcoming traumatic memories
  • Understanding and overcoming past negative programming and behaviours

If you would like to experience the potential and the power of EFT, please sign up for my complimentary e-book about EFT and tapping, Tap Into Your Fullest Potential, and receive my monthly EFT healing newsletter. You’ll learn how to tap on challenges such as feeling stuck; fears around expressing your needs; setting healthy boundaries; healing physical symptoms and dissolving resistance to change.

Know someone who could benefit this information?
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EFT Emotional Freedom practitioner trainer Annabel Fisher